Friday, November 12, 2010

SF Bike Expo Fashion Show

Over the weekend, Felt traveled to NorCal for the San Francisco Bike Expo. It was an interesting event, synthesizing several distinct cycling cultures. It is pretty surreal to see cyclocross racers right next to a dirt jump competition. We met people interested in buying their first bike, kids looking for BMX rides, seasoned industry vets, custom bike builders, free ride pros, masters road racers, fixed gear trick riders, and everything in between. It was really rewarding to see how many people are interested in Felt Bicycles and to see how diverse those people are.

In addition to vendor booths and competitions, the SF Bike Expo also included the Pedal Savvy Fashion Show which showcases bicycles and bicycle-oriented clothing. Below are some pictures from the show, featuring the Brougham, Cafe 8 W, and Verza City 3.

All Photos are credit to Rebecca Williams.

IMG_6554 copyWM

IMG_6581 copyWM

IMG_6592 copyWM

IMG_6542 copyWM

IMG_6530 copy_2WM

IMG_6439 copyWM

It was a great event, and we plan on being there next year - so keep an eye out for us!

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