Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fixed-up Broken Parts

Two weeks later and a little bit of repair work, BK is headed the right direction. At least, his ankle is. Nice looking cuts, buddy! Sorry about getting that other Puma on for a while.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Broken Parts

Felt rides. And because we ride, accidents are bound to happen from time-to-time. Unfortunately, those get-off's can be pretty painful. Case in point, Felt creative manager Brett King's ankle (and other parts) are in various states of disrepair after a high-speed over-the-bar while doing some local DH run's with colleages Nick and Jeff after work earlier in the week. A bad ankle hurts like a mofo and one broken in four places is particular nasty. Good thing for Brett that Nick (engineering) and Jeff (creative) were able to get him down and to the ER in a timely manner. No e-vac necessary! Here is how Brett tells it in an email to the company yesterday:


So as some of you have heard by now, I broke my ankle pretty bad on Monday evening riding in Laguna with Jeff Heesch and Nick D.

I had my bike swap on me through a really steep and rocky section of the Telonics trail. I broke my Talus bone in half, broke my tibula, and 2 other bones in my ankle, as well as dislocating it. I also cracked my tailbone and chipped a small piece off my T5 vertebrae. Sweet.

I just want to thank Jeff and Nick for helping me get down the trail after the crash. It’s a really gnarly trail to walk down as it’s so steep with little to no traction for shoes. These guys really stepped up and took amazing care of me, and for that I can’t thank you guys enough. I felt pretty defeated, and they really helped me muster up the courage to get off the mountain the way we did.

Anyway, I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to schedule the surgery for my ankle as they have to put some screws in to hold it all together. Hopefully I can get it done on Friday and I’ll try be back in the office early next week.

Attached are examples on how you ankle isn’t supposed to look ;)


Get well soon, little brother!