Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inside and Insight

We know that at times what you are looking for is a little insight, especially from the people inside the company who design and engineer the products, or those who get first glimpses at team equipment, or camps, or photo shoots, or whatever. So we launched this spot just for that. There is no agenda and no subject parameters. It might be a product or team manager jumping on with something cool. It could be something out of engineering. Heck, it might be nothing if we can't think of anything. So, if you are here - welcome. We expect over time there will be some things posted that you just might find worth reading, and if you care to, even comment on. One thing we have found over the last 10 years is that as much as we like making nice bikes, there are no shortage of Felt owners who seem to enjoy the fact that we made them. To those especially, thank you so much.

So what's up with the cobbles? Paris-Roubaix is tomorrow.