Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alan's back

Figured you'd all like to know Alan is back. To every one's surprise he walked through the door at Felt on Monday - turtle shell and all - and worked all day. It was awesome. He was tired of sitting around and no doubt felt the need to come in to check on Felt's BMX category. And, to have lunch at Chipotle with the boys.

30 seconds after walking in we got to see what it all boiled down to - 304.8mm of cut-and-sew underneath which is plenty of screw, glue, pin and hardware holding together the T-section of his spine. Besides how he is going to get through airport security in the future the last unknown is how long he will have to stay with the protective shell, but it now looks like a lot closer to six weeks vs. six months. So much for the contortionist career, but ask him if he feels like the luckiest man on earth and we are sure he will tell you, yes.

Welcome back, brother.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alan Foster update - 4/18

The Alan Foster weekend update as told by Brian Wilson, PD honch at Felt who went to visit Alan. Below also includes a little from Mrs. Alan.

Alan is doing really well. Constant stream of old BMX friends visiting. Hospital checkout hopefully this weekend, but there is a possibility that he will be going to a re-habilitation hospital. He is looking very good now, his color is back and much of the swelling gone.

Alan says thanks for all the emails, the support, and for covering for him at work. His goal is riding a road bike at lunch in six months and one day, contraption free. Neck brace coming off in a week or so. Wearing his turtle shell. This will likely be part of his daily attire for next several months. Too bad it’s not offered in Ninja green.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alan Foster update - 4/15

This is the latest from Alan's wife as of Wed morning:

Hi everybody,

I apologize for not sending an update last night. I think it all caught up with me and I was so exhausted, I went to bed at 6 o'clock and woke up this morning at 6:20. Hooray for TV, the girls watched a movie and went to sleep.

Alan is progressing well, he got his back brace yesterday and the physical therapy has already started. He stood up twice with assistance and is now out of the ICU. I believe that visits are now much more manageable. If you would rather not go see him at the hospital, we will have an "Open House" when he comes home.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alan Foster update - 4/14

Alan wife's sent this update Monday night after his surgery:

Hi everybody,

Sorry for taking so long on the update. The hospital does not have a strong enough wireless signal that we can pick up and We cannot use the phone in the ICU/CCU.

His surgery took 6 hours to be completed, he is still moving his limbs (which is good), but he looks rougher than he did yesterday. Tonight he was very tired and swollen.

The recovery process will be a lot more challenging than we thought. He will have two braces, one on his neck and one on his back 24/7 until the Dr. tells him he is done with them (it could take anywhere between 6 weeks to one year). He will have routine visits to the Dr.'s office until his vertebrae are fused.

We do not know yet when he is coming home, tomorrow he will probably leave the ICU if all goes well. I will keep you updated on visitation possibilities after he leaves the ICU.

Thank you for all your wonderful words and actions of support, positive thought and prayers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rider Down - Felt's own Alan Foster

Felt BMX Brand Manager and BMX racing legend Alan Foster was involved in a bike crash at SoCal's Sheep Hills over the weekend and is in the hospital. He did injure several vertebra but there appears to be no spinal cord damage and he is moving all limbs. He is currently scheduled for surgery on Monday morning at Western Medical Center in Santa Ana/Tustin. We will keep everybody posted as we look for Alan to make a full and speedy recovery!

Below is what Alan’s wife wrote in an email yesterday late Sun morning:

Hi everybody.

I would like to start by apologizing for the generic message, but this is the best way for me to get the message to everybody and still be able to take care of our girls and Alan.

On Saturday April 11th Alan had a bicycle crash at his local riding trails. He was taken to the Trauma center by the ambulance. Some of his BMX friends were there and helped us out. Thank you so much Mr. Miranda!

Alan has fractured 3 vertebrae and two ribs and a few other "minor" damages to his face. At this point he is coherent, moving limbs and talking with a little difficulty. The doctor said he was very lucky, it could have been much worse. He will have to have surgery on Monday or Tuesday. Today he will have a MRI done to be able to assess if there are any other internal injuries.

I would like to let you know that the girls and I are being very well cared for by wonderful local neighbors and friends. And for those of you that know me, also know that I will have no problem calling and asking for your help if I need it.

I would like to ask you to refrain from calling because the girls are always nearby when the phone rings and I don't want them to keep hearing everything. We can keep our communication via e-mail.

Thank you so much for the caring words, thoughts and actions.