Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alan Foster update - 4/15

This is the latest from Alan's wife as of Wed morning:

Hi everybody,

I apologize for not sending an update last night. I think it all caught up with me and I was so exhausted, I went to bed at 6 o'clock and woke up this morning at 6:20. Hooray for TV, the girls watched a movie and went to sleep.

Alan is progressing well, he got his back brace yesterday and the physical therapy has already started. He stood up twice with assistance and is now out of the ICU. I believe that visits are now much more manageable. If you would rather not go see him at the hospital, we will have an "Open House" when he comes home.


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Anonymous said...

hey my names john I'm the one who brought alans shoes and helmet to the car w/ robbie when you got there.I broke my video camera that night but I have it on video if Alan wants to see it when he gets out.It sucks that after 7 years of not seeing him bc I just moved to cali from FL that thats how I ran into him again. Give him my best. my Email is to get ahold of me.