Sunday, February 21, 2010


There's a reason everyone refers to Fontana as Fontucky, deep in the heart of the 951, its neck is a little redder than the rest of SoCal. But it is home to Southridge park, home to some of the most fun racing within striking distance of the Felt Irvine office.

Felt boys, Brett King, Nick Ducharme and Greg Hammond made the trip from the OC to the Southridge Shimano Winter series in Fontana, Ca. for a Saturday of XC 4 Cross and Super D racing. A damp few days leading up to the weekend had people thinking twice about making the trip, but the rain cleared, the moisture helped pave the trails in hero dirt, temps in the mid 60's.... Perfection

Felt's fastest MTB'er (Self proclaimed but no one is arguing) Nick Ducharme, ripped the mornings XC course to win the Expert race a few spots ahead of Greg. Nick then going on in the afternoon to win the Expert Super D in the same fashion

Thats Nicks bbrapp face....

Yeah Nick...we know... the little guy on the right was third place, but too short to climb the podium

Modeling the latest addition to his stripper wardrobe

DJ BK (Brett) as well as being an above average graphic designer, golfer, car racer, BMX'er and Canadian, is a passable 4 Cross racer as well, managing to grab bronze in the Expert 4 Cross, his first race in a few months

This was despite racers behind him trying to take him out by usung the famed over the bar flying tackle manouver...

Not a bad result considering most of the rest of the competition were still in high school...

Mmmm medal flavor!

Next event at Southridge is the Shimano Winter series finals on March 6/7th, details here Southridge

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bikes and Art

To say Felt staffer Eva Lewington is a gal of many talents is an understatement. Graphic designer by day, artist by eve, weekend road racer when inspiration strikes. And cyclist, always.

We're stoked to see Eva's work on display next week at the Femme de la Closet art show in Costa Mesa. That's her portrait on the window above.

Here's a closer look, too...

And one sneak peek of Eva's display...

Here's the poster for the February 25 art show, Femme de la Closet.

For more information, check out the event web site, or The Closet Boutique web site.

And for behind-the-scenes look at Eva's work, check out her blog.

February 25 at The Closet Boutique. Be there!