Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2011 DA - Part III

Hot off a world-class stage win and 2nd place finish overall in the 2010 Amgen Tour of CA, Dave Zabriskie went straight back to work. Along with Felt, DZ spent the day reviewing his position on his all-new Felt 2011 DA in the San Diego Wind Tunnel yesterday. Few ever looked so good on a bike while still managing to generate so much power. Of note is that "DZ-Nuts" is already looking into trademarking "DIS-position".


trx430ex said...

Has anyone though of using "Hydraulic drive"? sort of along the lines of the F117,, get what we want, then teach it how to fly.Ditch the chain, all sprockets, and derailer, install hydraulic pump in crank, run brake line size hoses to front wheel, or "all wheel" drive. Harness the power of micro Hydraulics, could be used in braking too.

trx430ex said...

Think about it,we could take all "Shimano"'s patents, right off the table. It's a brand new day!! the more I think about it, the arithmetic just works. The only thing I can't come to grips with is, use a handle bar mounted slide lever for gearing, or by the speed of cadence Resistance? All into one crank control, or give the hands something to do?

Feel good today, bunny hopped my Z80 across a bridge expansion joint at 20 mph.(no clip ons) I'm getting faster with more control.

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