Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beardy Weirdies!

It’s holiday season at Felt, which means one thing: Holiday Beard Growing Contest!

Pretty burly lineup, right? Looks like the second line for the Ottawa Senators, but that’s actually (left to right): Jake representing marketing; Nick and Rich from engineering; Greg from marketing; and graphic designer Jeff.

Hard to say who’s leading here, what do you think? Rich gets extra points for the black eye, which was reportedly sustained in a mosh pit. As far as usefulness, Greg is probably making the most of the facial fur—he’s currently standing in sub-zero temperatures in Bend, Oregon, where he’s manning the Felt booth at cyclo-cross nationals. That thing’s probably pretty gnarly right now, all iced up with snotcicles and such.

Of course the bylaws mandate that any proper Beard Contest will be followed by a Mustache Contest. Gross.

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